Trolley motor
Heavy duty geared motor with adjustable brake torque.
Control Panel
With internationally-recognised brands of components.
DC disc brake
Electromagnetic DC fail-safe brake acting on input shaft to gearbox, whereby the switch is independent of motor. Provides fail-safe operation in event of the drive-shaft failure.
Limit switch
2-step limit switch with cut-off control circuit & main power supply.
Hoisting motor
High Torque Squirrel Cage parallel rotor, rated 60% ED (40% / 20%) ED for dual speed. Class "F" insulation.
Comprises a fully enclosed oil-immersed, triple reduction gear train with SNCM21 for maximum wear resistance and strength. All shafts are quality bearings for quiet operation.
Steel Drum
Precision-machined heavy duty seamless steel tube supported on high quality bearings.
Hot forged hook with hook latch.
Wire rope
High strength IWRC wire rope with wear-resistant qualities.